Every summer I enroll my two kids in a summer art class where they use watercolor and different media. These photos were from last year, right after we came back from vacation. Littlest boy has to stay in the kindergarten since the art class is for kids aged 6 and up.


They surely enjoy these classes. As I wrote before, I don’t let them do watercolor at home because I am not patient cleaning up the mess. So here, they can paint and play with water and color all they want. They also made use of strings, stones, sponge and other things to tap their potential and resourcefulness. I totally forgot the teacher’s name and I even told her that I’d be writing about this experience. Really sorry…

The classes are held at Wiener Urania,a building by the Donaukanal with a view of the giant Ferris wheel and the river where small cruise ships going to Bratislava passes by. It’s a very inspirational room but I can’t find the other photos save for these that I uploaded on facebook. Will surely show them to you as soon as I find them. 😀


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