I started toilet training my little boy shortly before he turned two years old. Since I am a SAHM, it was easier to devote time and attention to his call; “Mommy; klo! (toilet)” Little boy is a little late in this department, but hopefully he’d graduate from wearing diapers soon.


Just a few days in training, he was eager to go by himself. I would constantly remind him to “go to the toilet,” or “you should pee in the toilet, don’t wet your pants.”

Then he started attending daycare, his training was put to a halt. However, I did continue training him at home, we changed him to training pants already, and let him watch toilet training videos…like the one below.

It really is important for you to devote time with your kid when toilet training. Some things we could do to make it easier to toilet train a child, show them how one uses the bathroom. Wash hands together, let them flush the toilet. If you have a potty trainer, let them sit on it regularly even with clothes on, so they can be familiar with it. It may take at most 3 months before a child could be trained, so patience is the key for a successful potty training.