When we were looking for a house five years ago, we never had the chance to look online. We were renting a place with no internet connection since we planned to transfer to a better and bigger place anyway. We found our current apartment traditionally, posted ads by the bus station that is, we took the very first chance that came along.

There are no regrets about it but maybe we could have found something better should there have been an available internet connection for us, since there are websites that makes finding dream homes easier. Take Homecity for example, aerial photographs, slide shows and virtual tours for thousands of Dallas and Austin area homes, condominiums, townhomes and lots can be viewed in their webpage. They even added extra information to each area for interested buyers to know (school distance, taxes etc among others).

You can browse and choose which unit best suits you, if you decide on anything, you can contact an Austin Real Estate agent to help you out and finalize everything. If you have no idea whatsoever to choose, you can ask or state what you like and the agents would gladly help you. Be assured that Homecity will help you all the way, finding the perfect home for you and your family.