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Relish the Calming Effect of an Aquarium

April 30, 2016

We live in a fast-paced world. Everything seems to go by in a blur and unless you’re quick enough, you’ll be left in the lurch. The hustle and bustle of everyday living is enough to make some people weary and anxious. Some are even high-strung and normally on their toes. While alertness is something that can help you get by in this cutthroat world, there is no denying the fact that it can be dangerous, too. If you’re not careful, the anxieties of life could make your blood pressure shoot up. Aside from hypertension, other illnesses and diseases could get the better of you.

Of course, you can always relax and take things slow. That’s actually the reason why you go home to your family after a grueling day at the office. Nevertheless, there’s no guarantee that you’d get the peace and quiet you want and deserve. If you have young children, chances are they would be too excited to see you and would demand that you play with them. Otherwise, your wife and older children could engage you in small talk, something that’s very common in a household setting.

Aquarium at home
photo by https://www.flickr.com/photos/minimalspace/

When it seems that the only alone time you could ever have is those few hours before you retire to bed, you might want to invest on an aquarium. Many people have discovered the calming effect that aquariums provide.

It’s scientifically proven that the movement of water can soothe a person’s mind. Hence, if you are always tightly wound, having an aquarium at home can do wonders for you. Not only does it enhance your home aesthetically but the movement of the water as the fish moves also creates a calm rhythm that can permeate an entire room.

Having an aquarium at home is also a wonderful opportunity to explore your creativity. When you go to a pet store, you’d find plenty of items you can use to make your aquarium even more beautiful than it already is. Make sure you buy a feeder, heater, light, filter, and pump for the aquarium. You can also by environment-friendly decors to make your aquarium even more interesting.

Designing your aquarium to create an entirely new world for your colorful schools of fish is enough of a stress-reliever already. Just make sure to set up your aquarium as far away as possible from a window or any direct source of light. Even fish can be stressed especially if the temperature of the water is disrupted. Make sure that nothing impedes with the cool temperature of the water if you want your fish to thrive.

If you’re unsure how to set up an aquarium properly, consult with a trained fish technician. He can give you valuable pointers and ideas about patterns, colors, types of fish, decors, and anything else you may need in relation to your aquarium. Once your aquarium is ready, you’d find yourself more relaxed and calmer.

fish and snail
photo by https://www.flickr.com/photos/genista/

  1. My daughter’s dad worked at an aquarium while I was pregnant with her. After work he would pick me up & take me with him until he finished his shift. It was very calming to end my day like this after my tedious & repetitious job.

  2. Aquariums are very relaxing. I used to have one and loved it for awhile. Then it got to be “my chore” of taking care of it all by myself, and after awhile of that, I had to say bye, bye to the aquarium. Maybe I’ll get another one someday. They do have a peaceful and calming affect on you.

  3. Aquariums are so beautiful! Is there an equivalent of a “green thumb” when it comes to these things, though? We once set up a little one — we thought it would amuse the cat — but the cat wasn’t interested. And the fish soon went to fish heaven, for some reason!

  4. Oh wow! The pictures of aquariums that you posted are just beautiful! I would love to have one! They are very calming! My girls have a tank, but it is for critters that they study for school. It has been a lot of fun, but not near as calming as fish!

  5. I find the aquariums at Dr. offices calming, but with my one at home, it is always a worry to me. If I think one fish is picking on another fish, or are the getting ‘ick’ or is the water the right temp, and the list goes on. It would be nice to have a professional make a weekly visit to tell me everything is okay! lol. Vicki

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