fishingThat time flies by so fast is so true, my daughter would be finishing grade school soon so we were into school hunting this month. The Austrian school system is very different from what I was used to so I had to familiarize myself well before choosing which school to enroll her.

Schools around have Open House days allotted for kids and parents visiting. There were activities in each school that kids could participate in to know what to expect if ever they decide to enroll in that certain institution. As usual we had to tow the boys with us. It was a good thing that we did because they had fun going around the school. Not only because of the activities but because the school is housed in 2 ships! I will make a detailed post soon…

The photo above is my son standing by the school’s docking station. He’s holding a small kite-like piece that he made at the art room of the school ship. He said he would pretend it to be a fishing rod. ^_^