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After a full day at the office, sometimes you may be called on to attend an evening work or networking event. There’s no time to go home and change clothes, and so you have to take what you are already wearing from day to evening. Fortunately, by carefully choosing what you put on in the morning, you can look stylish and fabulous at the any after-work event as if you have carefully picked out an outfit just for the occasion.

Make a Statement with Accessories

Accessories are one of the easiest ways to change the look of your outfit on the fly because they are so easy to bring with you and swap out. Put a pair of jewel-toned shoes or a glittery clutch in your bag in the morning, and then put them on as you leave work to instantly get your outfit ready for evening. Unique, statement pieces like the ones from NastyGal are edgy and will spice up your evening outfit.

Change Your Outerwear

Put on a brightly colored blazer or sweater to jazz up even the most conservative work wear. Colored outerwear can also go with equally bright base layers for a bold look that turns heads. Alternatively, start with a neutral dress or pair of slacks and blouse for day, and then wear a chic coat or patterned sweater like the ones available at Shechet over it to up the wow-factor for evening.

Don’t Neglect Your Makeup

Switching up your makeup or hair is also a great way to freshen up your look for evening. As a general rule, evening makeup is a little heavier and darker than the look you probably wear during the day, so swipe on a little extra shadow or a darker lipstick. At the same time, let down your hair and brush it out. Loose locks are more relaxed for evening.

There are a lot of different ways to take your outfit from day to evening. With a few minor changes, you can look glamorous, put-together and ready for any after work event.


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  1. Elizabeth O.

    Those are great tips. You can also use glimmering eye shadows and lipstick to complete your evening look.

  2. Chubskulit Rose

    Whew, wish I can do an eye make up like that lol. I have no idea how to do those girly things.

  3. Juliana

    I miss those days of being stressed out how to pull off an evening look straight out of the office. It hasn’t happened since I’ve become a SAHW.

    Great pointers, by the way 🙂

  4. Jessica Cassidy

    I love the jacket for the day Sis. The heels are beautiful too but am not sure if I can walk with them. Blame my two left foot 🙂

  5. Nova

    this is very helpful, sometimes because i started to feel lazy i just grabbed clothes in my closet to wear and don’t even care, this is useful for me to learn.

  6. Maria Teresa Figuerres

    Thanks for the tips! However, I haven’t learned the art of putting on make-up, so the third suggestion will really be hard for me. Sigh!

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