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April 15, 2010


Yellow, very timely since I haven’t had the monthly photo of the three so I asked them to don something yellow for a shoot. The more I take photos of them the more I realize that they’ve grown much, the nostalgic me can’t help but look back on their younger days. Thanks to flickr and other photo-storage sites I have easy access for other yellow entries. 🙂

in yellow(June 28,2004)

My daughter AB at age 3. Still has baby fats and that famous “pango” nose. Good thing that it’s much better now that shes grown, hehe. She was my original photo model ever since I gave up my so-called profession as a photographer.  I still have her rolls of film stacked somewhere, all taken with my antique Canon T60. 😉 This is also the reason why I concentrated on kids’ portrait as my specialty in photography.

curiosity(June 27,2004)

A day before the above photo was taken, C is almost 1 year-old here. Just before this shot, I was taking photos of AB with the same flower, she threw it on the floor and C picked it up hence, the photo…one I lovingly entitled “Curiosity.”

daniel and Chouchou(July 7,2007)

Remember last time when I said my youngest loves playing with dolls? It started early, here D was 1 year and 4 months. He would carry this doll, Chou chou (which also wears a yellow overall) around the house even though it was too heavy for him…(poor doll getting dragged all the time!)

There, a look at the past and all in the glory of yellow! 😉 Enjoy your weekends mommies, next week would be red, I think I have a chestful of red photos! See you!


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  1. you have lovely kids! and don’t worry about the “pango” nose. it will eventually grow. i’m saying that based on my experience kc dati my aunts and uncles would call me “flat nose” pero i didn’t stay that way naman. hehe. medyo tumangos din naman ang ilong ko while growing up. 😉

    btw, it’s my first time to join this meme. hope u can check out my blog. it’s here: Buzzy Mommy

    thanks! 🙂

  2. ay sis photographer ka pala =) kaya pala magaganda mga shots ko. Ako naman frustrated pero still struggling to be pro lol.. ang laki na nga pinagbago nila, they’re more like of a kid now, at ang little mo, medyo dalagita na.. You know what, when i was a kid (toddler), pango din ilong ko pero as time passes by, tumangos lol, kaya yung mga matagal ng di nakakakita sa kin mula ng bata ako, nagtataka kung bakit ang tangos ng ilong ko lol.

  3. These are really very nice portraits of your kids! I love the Curiosity photo the most. Awesome yellow pics here! Thanks for dropping by my blog, and have a great day.

  4. I love yellow family pics 🙂 What a precious photo of your children, Mommy!
    Cute ni Ate sa 2nd pic.. Its a beautiful flower but why is she about to cry ? 🙂

  5. HI sis! ang laki na ng mga kids mo…btw, I agree with chikai based from my own dilemma as well =D
    I like your youngest pic with the doll, seems he found a friend to carry anywhere with him.. lol cute!

  6. my kid also prefer the bee. But he loves to pose with different figures. Even heroes at toy kingdom. kahit sino lang. hahaha

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