Create a Rhyme

Help children remember to eat fruits and vegetables with rhymes. Poems and songs will grab your child’s attention and get them involved in making healthy food choices. Jennifer Fixman’s “Eat Some Fruit,” or “I Will Eat All My Vegetables,” for example, encourages children to eat fruit and vegetables because the foods are good for them.

While this may not be for teenagers anymore, it pays to play some with your younger kids. As for the older kids, making them read on the benefits of having veggies and fruits in a diet will motivate them.

Give Them Credit

Make a poster and put your child’s name on it. In our case, we have this photo printed to remind us. Divide the poster into two columns. Put the name of fruits and vegetables in the first column and leave a space for stars in the second column. Each time your child tries a fruit or vegetable, give them a star. And every time they eat that food give them another star. Suddenly, you will find your child trying new foods just to get the star.

Balance out some sweets for the teeners in this area, or treat them to a favorite dessert once in a while.

Kid helping out pick veggies from the grocery store.
5 Simple Ways to Get Your Children and Teenagers to Eat More Vegetables and Fruits:  Helping out pick veggies from the grocery store.

Let Them Help

Children love to help their parents. Why not let them help with the menu? Involving children in meal planning, grocery shopping and food preparation empowers them to choose foods wisely. It also allows you to introduce new fruits and vegetables alongside foods your child already loves. During the meal planning phase, for example, let your child pick the fruits to eat and you choose the vegetables to try.

There will come a point in a teenager’s life where he or she would realize what he wants to do – my son for example expressed how he would like to be a chef someday. Invest in this kind of thoughts, let them help around the kitchen.

My daughter enjoys baking, and she loves cheesecakes. So I make sure there are 5 Simple Ways to ingredients at home she can use when she suddenly felt like baking.

Get Upclose and Personal

Develop your garden like a true country girl or make an indoor herb and veggie garden. Take kids to the farmer’s market or visit a farm. Children are more apt to try fruits and veggies when they experience nature at work. They find it fascinating to nurture plants and watch them grow into edible delights. They begin to appreciate the work involved in producing nutritious foods.

Sneak It, Dip It or Cover It Up