How small could portable hard drives get? As big as your cellphone!

IDrive Online backup service developed a usb-powered portable drive that is the thinnest (10mm) and smallest (0.3lb) in the market. With a capacity of 320gb and running 24% faster than 4200 rpm drives, this baby is unbelievably priced at 69.95$ (roughly 55euros).   

This 120mm x 74 mm piece of genius is compatible with Windows 2000 and above as well as Mac OS X and Time Machine. Backing up files has never been this fast and easy (to carry anywhere) I guess.

Hubby would definitely get one of these. He is such a fan of gadgets and has been storing our files on portable hard drives that are sometimes haphazardly and accidentally dropped down by the little ones. Hopefully this one fits his pocket enough to protect it from fallin down the floor.