How to Find Contentment In Your Daily Life


Imagine yourself stuck on a deserted island, alone, with nothing to eat or drink. Sure, your instinct would be to find ways to survive. You’d probably build yourself a makeshift shelter, and feed on whatever vegetation is at your disposal. But more than surviving, you want to live and be happy. You then do a Tom Hanks and make a friend out of a volleyball…


Whether on a deserted island or in the city, everybody wants to live a happy and contented life. We all yearn for days and nights of worry-free bliss.

But even if you find yourself with countless blessings to supposedly be thankful for, why do you still hanker for more? You’ve got a stable job which pays the bills, but why do you find yourself still looking for job listings on eurostaffgroup ?

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placid as a lake

It’s probably human nature to always want more. The “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” mentality seems to be helplessly ingrained in us.

We instinctively think that by amassing more of anything- wealth, possessions, etc- we will end up happier. But the thing is, the key to real happiness and contentment is in eliminating the things we don’t need. It lies in simplifying our lives.

Things inevitably become too complicated when we have too many things on our plate. We end up feeling overwhelmed and helpless. When we get rid of the excess, we cut down on the things we have to worry about. Then, we become more content with what we already have.

This “life detox” encompasses many aspects. Starting with the physical, we try to eliminate what we don’t need. Sell that second car if you don’t really need it.

On the emotional level, do a detox by getting rid of “friends” who do nothing but put you down. Slowly sever ties with those who constantly send off negative vibes. Don’t take that second job if it’ll only make you more stressed out.

Contentment and happiness do not have to forever be an unattainable dream for us. By simplifying our lives, we’ll be able to view things with a more open mind, and then realize that the reasons to be happy have been there all along.