When I got married I thought that my sporty and adventurous life would be put to a halt and that I would spend most of the time being at home. I thought hubby was a real homeboy because he enjoys being playing rpgs and such, finishing each of the new video and computer games that come out in the market. The only activity I know he engages to is Taekwondo which is why he had a 6-pack abs before! Little did I know that I married a guy with a penchant for extreme sports! Skydiving, bungee jumping, ice climbing and other adrenaline-rushing sport shows are what he would watch on his day offs, he reads a lot about them too.

Hubby enjoys snowboarding and I don’t! (I think I mentioned that a lot already.) The kids share the same interest with their dad so I’m there on the sides taking photos of them enjoying the cold. (Call me a killjoy but I just can’t bear winter and it’s coming fast around this region.) I’ve been designated to be the official family photographer for winter because of this!


Well, we would also play normal sports like tennis, volleyball, table tennis and basketball, which I enjoy a lot. He would also tag us along biking half an hour away from home-to the Danube River. I sweat a lot when we do and I love that fact (gym time gets boring too). Also, I get the chance to take landscape shots when we’re out rolling. He would bring us with him to watch events like the Vienna Airking, skateboard exhibitions and the likes.

I guess the most extreme that we’ve gone to is the Monster Truck show…a 2-hour show featuring drifting, motorcycle stunts and car-crashing monster trucks!

Well I guess my life isn’t as boring as I thought it would be. I have an adventurous partner to pull me out of boredom and make me practice photography in action. I’m cool with that!