The perks of being married to a computer geek slash gamer slash artist slash adventurer slash handyman are:
1. There will be three working computers, a tablet PC, 3 laptops and 2 macs – all connected with LAN at home. You go to the kitchen and you can find easy recipes if your cookbook has been played upon by the little boy. You go to the bedroom and you can blog without hurting your back (err, you can do that by lying down head up, lol).
2. You will never miss an email because he got you a phone with a tariff that includes email and internet.
3. You won’t get viruses even if he doesn’t install an anti-virus program (other geeks are the opposite). He knows each program so well and knows what’s best or bad for them.
4. You will learn the names of Final fantasy characters, animas, weapons because he asked  you to read him the walkthrough for him to find all the secret items and other paraphernalias to complete the game. You also know who Desmond, Lucy and Ezio are.
5. You can see him from where you are. You do not worry that he is out somewhere drinking with friends. He prefers to be at home, in front of the LCD TV finishing a game or in front of the PC scouring ebay, amazon and other geeky websites looking for “stuff.”
6. You will be fit because you’d play Wii + balance board, he will take you wall climbing, bicycling, skating and snowboarding with him. If he doesn’t have friends around, you’d play tennis, basketball and table tennis with him too.

7. You’d be able to watch films ahead of your peers and actually write a review on your blog ahead of others.

8. You will share the same interest in reading….only, his books are about galactic empires, mages and wizards.
9. Your kids are much technology-savvy than their counterparts.
10. Your oven’s door that was broken by an enthusiastic little boy will be repaired in no time.
11. You would get the camera of your dreams a few months after you got the former camera of your dreams. He would upgrade and buy you lenses and push you to do better with photography. He would even bring you a 1955 Zorki 1 Model and ask you to buy black and white films in this era of digital photography. He would want you to relive the glory days of your developing films and printing copies in the dark room by transforming your bathroom to one. 
He won’t stop until you are able to show the world that you are the wife of a geek! (lol!)

Hubby’s gift