Pink Sakura by our place.


Sakura/Cherry blossoms are my favorite flowers, I love taking photos of them. Despite spring allergies, I’d get lots of shots even as buds or even when every single petal has falllen on the ground. Sakuras are a main attraction in Japan when spring comes…there’s Hanami or flower-viewing that I would want to experience soon…but our plans are for summer. We plan on visiting Japan come summer….just planning. 😀 So we won’t see the blossoms then. I’m doing my own Hanami here. 🙂
Unagi no Kabayaki / Barbecued eel


We’d definitely fill not just our eyes but our tummies too with our favorite Japanese dishes.Kabayaki eel is particularly in my mind. Since  this is nutritious, and is a stamina-generating food, I included it in my diet…had it been cheaper I’ll eat unagi everyday. 😀 Many people in Japan still follow customs from the Edo period to eat kabayaki during the summer, especially on a particular day called “doyo-no ushi-no-hi”, which is in mid-summer. I would want to experience that too!

Chirasizushi – to die for!

Where else to get the freshest sashimi but where it originated from…Japan’s resources of tuna, salmon, butterfish and even sea urchin are vast…If you have been watching the Dotch cooking show, you will see how  dedicated they are in upholding their cuisines. They’d go 7 days straight into the sea just to find a certain type of tuna. They’d go diving longer than a normal person just to find the most unique eel…I admire their dedication. Despite the quakes, my desire to visit hasn’t declined. My hopes are up and if given the chance I’ll meet up with fellow bloggers, Joanna, Bambi and Mommy Clang. 🙂


We’d also go cosplaying with them! 😉 We’ll visit Shinjuku and take photos of Lolitas and Otakus, buy the cheapest lens at Akihabara and perhaps climb up Mt. Fuji and the Tokyo Tower. It’s free to dream, to plan a plan is free as well, and if the money comes, I’d be really thankful! What are your plans this summer? Let’s all enjoy!