I can’t remember how many times I’ve expressed my gratitude to the government for making Vienna a really child-friendly city. There are lots of playgrounds and parks that are enjoyed by adults too, local and tourists alike.

For me parks and playgrounds are almost synonymous as most of the parks around have playgrounds too so I was actually doing a mixed entry but decided to show you just “park” for today.


(Schönbrunn Palace Back Garden)

This is the Schönbrunn Palace (taken in summer), it used to be the summer house of the emperors and their families. There’s a really big garden with a hunting ground, but now that the rule of the emperors ceased, most of the properties are made public and opened as a tourist spot or park. The Schönbrunn also houses a Zoo. We make a trip there often, once every summer, once in autumn, then in winter and finally in spring. It could also happen that the kids would be on a field trip like last winter, my son’s class went and I tagged along.


Kids by the flowerbeds maintained by the Unsere Garten, up the hill is the Gloriette. I enjoy walking up that hill, if only we live near there I’d go up everyday and I’d probably be 15 kilos lighter now. lol.


(Belvedere Palace Lawn Garden)

Another palace worth visiting is the Belvedere, then owned by Prince Eugene of Savoy. This palace is in the middle of the city and aside from the lawn has two other enormous gardens, the alpine and the botanical where a small Japanese garden is a refreshing sight too!

The kids were busy following ladybugs and other insect at the botanical gardens while I familiarize myself with the plants and trees (the identifying tags were helpful).

Both palaces also house museums, history or art-related but I won’t be showing them today. Sorry, you can look at my city blog for more. 🙂




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