Be it online, in newspapers or magazines.

While being at home, stay at home moms got the time to capture moments of their children’s tender years, creativity, fun activities and not so fond times. Take advantage of these by sending your photos to magazines or newspapers.

I have been doing this for some time now and got some of the magazine prints treasured at home.

fruits and kids

Photo taken on the afternoon of 19 September 2007, at our dining table.

Below is a copy of the print which was in the November-December issue of MomsToday, a Parenting magazine in the Philippines.

MomsToday BrainFood  article Nov07


  (Yes, that was my hand. lol)

You can also send photos you took while strolling outside. Browse through newspaper websites and look which ones accept contributions from readers. One of my favorites among my featured photos was the one at the Österreich newspaper online edition. It was entitled Donau sunset and ducks (Bild 8 von 40 for 13 Februar 2008), the original photo is here.

Aside from the fun that I have in taking photos, seeing my photos get printed uplifts me…somehow I am not just a homebound mom who has lots of work to do. I get to do something I like most, photography. Its nice getting paid for it, especially too that I can do it with who I love as well.