5 Tips To Budgeting For Your Wedding Photographer

Weddings can be expensive, and you need to be smart with how you will allocate your budget so that you can still have the wedding of your dreams without being in debt. You need to sit down with your future spouse and decide what you want to prioritize for the wedding.

There are those who want to spend a lot of money on the wedding dress and the rings, while there are those who would also like to give importance to the venue and the food that will be served at the wedding. 


But lately, more and more couples have come to realize that the wedding photographer is one of the most important aspects of the wedding. Because after the wedding is done, when all the guests and supplies have gone home, and even when years have passed, it will be the pictures that will serve as a concrete reminder of one of the best days of your life.

If you are looking for ways on how you can save more money so that you can afford the best Raleigh Wedding Photographer for your dream wedding. Here are also some tips to budgeting for your wedding photographer and other wedding expenses.

Wedding Photographer, 5 Tips To Budgeting For Your Wedding Photographer   Have your ceremony and reception in one place

– unless you are hell-bent on having a church wedding, why not look for a venue where you can hold both the ceremony and venue in the same place. Maybe you can find a hotel that has a small chapel or function room that can serve as the place for the ceremony, then move quickly to another area for the reception. Or you can opt for a garden wedding and just have the caterer set up the venue with everyone seated on the tables for the reception while there is an aisle for you to walk on during the ceremony part.

Check to see if you can have the wedding during the off-peak season

– if you are not eyeing a particular date for your wedding, you can just have it during the off season. If you try to book a venue or suppliers during the peak season, such as December, guaranteed that the prices will be higher than usual. So opt for a month and day, such as a weekday so that you can bargain with the suppliers on the prices.

 If you like being creative, why not go DIY for some parts of the wedding

– it’s becoming more and more popular for brides to create some do-it-yourself for their wedding. It might feel like a lot of effort, but it’s also a way to be more involved and more in control. Check out Pinterest for some ideas on what you can do at your wedding so that you cut down on costs and allocate that money for your wedding photographer. One option is to print your own photo book.

Pick flowers that are in season

– flowers for a wedding can be expensive, especially if you choose flowers that are not in season. So do your research, because there are some flowers that are more expensive, such as peonies, compared to more common ones, like roses.

Cut the guest list

– don’t be pressured to invite everyone you know at the wedding. Just choose the ones that you are closest to and who you’d really like to be there on your very special day.


5 Tips To Budgeting For Your Wedding Photographer