Our trip home last year was not purely vacation. We attended my older brother’s wedding and the boys stood as bible bearers while daughter was one of the flower girls. She donned a haltered- flowing white gown made of chiffon and tulle. The boys wore white silk terno and white shoes.

Being away proved difficult for the fitting. I am no dressmaker. True, I had lessons back in grade school but I do not have a decent tape measure so the ensemble ended up ill-fitted. ^_^ I had to make adjustments so they would be wearable.


So here are some things that you might want to consider when choosing or having a dress (bridesmaid or not) for a wedding done. That is, if the couple would not provide for the dresses or the dressmaker at the least.

Get a real dressmaker to measure you up or anyone in the family for that matter. I had to learn this one the hard way. Make sure you add a bit of allowance for measurements.

Have the dresses done way ahead of the planned wedding date, in case you got thinner (hopefully not the other way around), you’d get the chance to have your dress fixed.

Coordinate with the bride or wedding planner for your dress’ color. You wouldn’t want to show up having the most different dress, would you? You’ve often read and heard to leave white to the bride, there’s a good reason to heed that.

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