Family Bonding: Going on Small Trips with Kids


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Even in today’s busy world, parents should still make it a point not to lose touch with their children. And one way to strengthen your relationship with the family is by going on small trips with your kids.

Yes, family bonding need not involve long-haul flights or a week’s stay in an exotic destination abroad. Nor do you have to go on travels permanently. Trips can be a weekend cross-country drive, an overnight stay at a nearby hotel, or just a day out at the park or museum. The important thing is that you get to spend time with each other.

Going on family trips lets you discover more about your children and even yourself. Outside the confines of your home, there are new experiences that unleash the skills, character, and individuality of a person. You get to see a different side to your kids — their interests, their thoughts — at the same time, they see yours. This will lead you to learn to appreciate and relate to each other.

Taking your children to small trips also helps you teach them more of the world, allowing them to open their minds to ideas that they don’t usually find within controlled environments like the classroom. Going to new places trains the kids to be more adventurous, tolerant, and patient with the things around them.

Family Bonding
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Small trips also give you the luxury of quality time that you didn’t have while going through your daily routine. Because you sit back and take things more slowly during those days off, you get to enjoy each other’s company away from all distractions like work, chores, phone calls, or emails.

Moreover, because you are traveling to a different place as a single unit, you learn to rely upon each other more. As a family, you all take in the highs and lows of the trip, cooperating with each other to make the trip work and be something worth remembering.

Focusing your time and energies to going on small trips with your children is actually a rewarding activity. Not only does it offer shared experiences that strengthens the family bond, but also creates wonderful memories that your children would want to look back to and even share with their own brood.

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At Palace Laxenburg’s playground