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One of the beauty of living close to nature is, it brings a feeling of comfort, peace and freshness. Couple green with blue and there…almost paradise.
The word green comes from the Old English word gr?ne, or, in its older form, grœni. This adjective is closely related to the Old English verb gr?wan (“to grow, turn green”), which in its wonted usage referred primarily to plants.
I grew up in the province surrounded by luscious greens, blue sky and fresh air. Where fruits can be picked directly from the trees abundant in the yard. Where plants and flowers grow effortlessly under the basking glory of the sun.
I miss the greens especially because where we are at this time of the year, we mostly see gray. So here’s a look at last summer vacation’s green adventures.


Photos taken during the prenuptial shoot of my older brother and his ex-girlfriend — now wife in Tagaytay; a few minutes from home…Tagaytay has a different and more beautiful landscape but still there’s that familiar warmth that home gives, where I would always run to, a place I welcome with an ardent embrace.

Older bro (kuya) with my daughter on his shoulder and my older son tagging along.

mommy moments