This video has been going around for the past 2 years but now I feel like sharing it again. Admittedly or not, what this video reflects is true regarding parents, how they do not (I’m guilty of this too) watch their kids closely or how they don’t get involved in their school affairs, how schools are looked upon as the first institution where kids learn proper behavior and how kids lack the responsibility to do their school and homework.


If you finish the video above you’ll realize what schools experience everyday and how different it was during our time – how kids have changed through the years. (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

Distraction. Computer games, video games, television and other unnecessary devices top the list of what distracts my kids. True there are educational computer games, informative television shows but the use or abuse of these gadgets play a big role in a kid’s concentration and distraction from what needs to be done.

When I was still in school I saw to it that I finish homework, school project and everything else by myself. My mom was working as a government employee and comes home after 6 in the evening. She doesn’t have the time to attend to my assignments and all so I finish everything. No I don’t blame her because then I became independent. So I thought.

I didn’t realize then that it will be a disadvantage for me now that I am a mom. I have difficulties teaching my kids because I expect them to be like me as I was a student – learning by themselves.  It ain’t easy. Having three languages at home (occasionally five) is already difficult and I try my best to help them grasp each.

They say the home is where kids learn basic manners and habits – I definitely need to make changes with mine. It’s only secularly but let me teach them Bible lessons and I’ll do that in a wink….It’s only teaching Math and German I have to overcome…I wonder what should I do to instill in my kids the independence and responsibility I had as a student to learn. Your ideas are welcomed.

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