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If you are looking to educate yourself with regards to financial information to help you budget or invest, there are many tools available online that can assist you. While buying financial books is probably the best way to go, there are some websites that can be just as informative and educational. These are not websites that provide “get rich quick” schemes, or talk about tricks that will help you make money with stocks. The best financial information websites are the ones with accurate, up to date information.

These are websites that have been thoroughly read through, vetted, and approved by various financial experts.


CNN Money’s Money 101 Tools


The hardest thing is to get a first foot into the financial world. If you are looking for a job in the financial sector, or simply want to start managing your money better, this website is the perfect learning resource. CNN Money presents the Money 101 tutorial website for financial beginners. The website teaches us about how money can be better managed, the fine print behind home loans, credit cards, and personal loans, and other information. There are 23 “lessons” in the Money 101 tutorial, and each lesson will give you guidance on how to manage and invest the money that you are earning.

Morningstar Presents thee Investment Classroom


If you are thinking about investing your money in the stock market, you need to be prepared for the process. It is important to have background information about stocks, bonds, buying and selling. This Morningstar “classroom” provides vital information on how people trade stocks and bonds, and how mutual funds work. The best part about this course is that completing it provides credits that allow you to access Premium for free.

Yahoo! Presents the Finance Index of Experts

Online Financial Education Tools


Yahoo!’s Finance Index of Experts is not a class or a course that will automatically give you the right financial information. Think of this tool as an index or articles, blogs, expert views, and news. If there is a certain financial topic you are confused about, you can search this index for various viewpoints. Financial Calculators


Using a traditional calculator, or Microsoft Excel formulas, can be tedious when financial calculations are required. Using the Financial Calculators is a great way to get the right result with minimal effort. These tools can be used to calculate mortgage payments, auto insurance payments, bank loan payments, and investment/retirement portfolio calculations. Not only will you get the right figures, but you will save a lot of time by using


This is the perfect website if you are looking for snippets of blogs from true financial pros. Instead of reading financial news from the typical sources such as Bloomberg and CNN, you can get more in depth analysis from Some of the blogs are free, while others require a subscription. If you see a snippet of a blog that appeals to you, it is easy to go on that website and register for access to the full version.

These blogs are archived, which means that you can access blogs from a year ago if you want. The “recently popular” tab is perfect for getting blogs on financial events from the past week or two. Has the Fed increased interest rates? Find out what financial experts make of the move by going to

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