Parents who miss their children or those who are reluctant to see their grown-up children leave their nest can only wish that they could turn back the time to when the children were still little.  Even with modern technology, man still hasn’t found a way to travel through time. However, there is a way for us to freeze time and go back to it anytime we wish. Photographs and memories allow us to capture special moments with our loved ones and keep it alive in our hearts.

Use of Easy and Smart Gadgets

Today’s gadgets make it easy for us to capture any moment in our children’s life.  The doting parents of a first born child can rarely be seen without a camera to document every expression that their baby makes.  Most people love to take pictures of babies that portray expressions of pure joy and innocence.  Parents usually have plenty of baby and toddler pictures of their kids compiled in albums and scrapbooks. Admittedly or not, they browse through from time to time.  Sadly, the pictures start to dwindle as the child grows older and family members become too busy to take pictures.
kid behind tree, kids' portrait, Why It’s Important to Have/Take Your Kids' Portraits As Often As You Can
May 2004

Keeping Memories

People decide to stop taking pictures or fail to have their kids’ portraits taken for different reasons. But, picture taking isn’t something that we should take for granted.  There may come a time when our memory fails us and the only thing that we can hold on to is the image of our past.  A year without a photograph is like a year gone missing in our memory lane.  As parents, having your kids’ portraits done every year is an investment in the future joys that it will bring for the family.  The children may not appreciate their photographs during the awkward stages of their teens but this will change when they start having their own kids.  Photos that show a person’s transformation from childhood to adulthood are also great materials for presentations on weddings, commemorative events and other special occasions.


Holding Sentiments

Getting a family portrait taken by a professional photographer is good idea. Take one during special occasions and milestones, this ensures the preservation of family bonding moments that can last a lifetime.  A well taken picture doesn’t only paint a thousand words. It also holds tons of memories that we can go back to when the sentiments of old age come to visit us in the future.
Thus, the mamarazzi in me has always tried to capture my kids’ portraits and milestones. Also, their not so fond moments and even some that they won’t be proud of. Let me share them with you. Here’s hoping that later on, my kids will be thankful that I’ve documented these.


kid behind a tree, kid portraits
November 2011