Stop. Take time to smell the flowers.


This is what I always remind myself and I do it literally with the bonus of taking photos of the flowers too. ^_^

Perhaps you’re like me, a busy bee who tends to the needs of the kids, the husband and a home-based business. When do you have your me time then?

For me, it is my solitude. It’s the time when I would reflect on the day gone past or enjoy my being alone. It could be half an hour spent at a Japanese shop being giddy over kawaii stuff or my walking back to the train station seeing daffodils and poppies or that few minutes at a bookshop I discovered at the corner street and most of all getting lost in a book I’m reading while at the tram.

These happen not so often so I treasure them as though another such moment won’t come again. I’m grateful that even in my so-called busy life, I still manage to pause,  smell the flowers and take time photographing them.


Above photo was taken near the insurance office. I went there to inform them that we have stopped our home-based business as of the moment and that payments should also halt. It’s not my forte when it comes to explaining details especially in a language not my own. Imagine the sweating I had after talking to one of the agents.

I hurriedly went out the office and walked my way back to the train station but avoiding the main streets. This is how I discover new shops, restaurants and boutiques in Vienna and find the most lovely flowers to take photos of. These daffodils are no exception. Most of my city exploration is documented in my city blog. You’ll never know where you’d have the best macaron in town if you don’t get lost at times.

So my friends, I now challenge you too…to stop, smell the flowers and take photos of them.